How to Foster-to-Adopt in West Virginia

Whether you become a foster parent or make the leap to adoption, when you choose Necco to facilitate this process you join the Necco family. We will be with you every step of the way before, during, and after your adoption is complete!

The process is virtually the same to become a foster or adoptive parent, and Necco offers a Foster-to-Adopt program to help with the process. The first step is always contacting your local Necco office to gather more information. From there, you will work with many qualified and passionate members of the Necco team, all with the goal to help you adopt! Necco surrounds your family with support and resources to ensure the best outcome for both family and children.


The steps to adoption are extremely similar to becoming a foster parent, and many families begin the process by first fostering a child.

However, with either process you must first connect with the Necco office nearest you and we will provide you with more information, and get to know you! There will be an orientation to further familiarize you with the process of adoption and you will attend a series of training classes that offer education and support. Leading up to your approval for adoption you will have at least two home visits with a member of the Necco team. These include standard background and safety checks, as well as family interviews - our favorite part!

Once training is complete and your home study has been approved, you are ready to accept a child into your home. Next step...ADOPTION!

The team at Necco takes the time to fully understand your needs and wants, taking into account all the factors around your family dynamic. This process begins on the very first day. We are fully aware of your desire to adopt and will assist in making the right connections.


Creating a forever family through foster-to-adopt is rewarding and priceless. Adoptions through foster care are often funded by the state and in most cases, there are few or no fees. Federal or State programs offer assistance to remove the barriers that may prevent a damily from adopting through foster care. Adoption assistance can include medical assistance and monthly maintenance payments.

Tax benefits exist for adoption to include both a tax credit for qualified adoption expenses paid to adopt an eligible child and an exclusion from income for employer-provided adoption assistance.

The qualified Necco team will be there every step of the way to answer financial questions and guide your family in ways to keep your budget in tact. Learn more at our FAQ page here.

Adoption through foster care

Adoption through foster care

The story of Mikki Taylor and her foster (now adoptive) family, The Silz, is a beautiful testament of resiliency, trust and faith. Together they worked through an unlikely pairing and built incredible relationships within their family and into their community.